Scrap Technology Workshops for Children At Half Term

Scrap Technology Workshops 27,28,29th October 2014


Workshop Title:- Scrap Technology Workshops
Time:- 9 am to 11 am
Location:- Woodend Mill, Mossley
Price:- £5 (Tickets were £10 but have been subsidised by a community funder.)
Description:- Latest scrap technology workshops are coming to Mossley. Our workshops are designed for children 8 to 13.

The activities on the day may include pop bottle rocket challenge, tremendous batteries, bug hotels, save the eggs, steady hand challenge, plus a few more surprises.

Our workshops are designed to spark curiosity in young people and deliver a session of art and science.

We have been generously part funded to offer these workshops at a 50% reduction and we have also slashed the online booking fee.

We will also offer light refreshments.

Each session ticket is now only £5-00

Book now as places are limited.

Why Mossley Basecamp?

Enhanced well-being

Most young people report that they feel calm and have a sense of well-being after they explore, investigate and achieve at a project they have not tried before. This can sometimes impact on their personal, social and academic growth.

Hands-on Learning Opportunity

The youth who have plenty of curiosity but little or no access to rich and constructive hands-on learning experiences in projects. Our workshops are supported by caring and knowledgeable adults. Benefiting from constructive social interaction with peers.

A Powerful Model for Youth

We are creating opportunities for local youth to engage with science and other projects and with their own learning remains an important educational challenge. These youth have too few places near their homes where they can spend their out-of-school time in a safe, productive, science-rich environment where knowledgeable adults are focused on their personal, social and intellectual development.

Off The Rails Comedy Club Interview – Rob Riley

Company: Off The Rails Comedy Club, Saddleworth


I run comedy clubs at venues up and down the country in addition to hosting tours and supplying comedians to corporate events.

Off The Rails is now in it’s thirteenth year and pretty much sets the standard for independent comedy clubs. This makes me very happy.

What time of day do you work best? Morning or Evening? And why?

Definitely morning, but the job requires working both and, unfortunately,  the bit in between

Do you spend more time in your office or shop or on the go?

The bulk of what I do is spent slaving over a hot laptop but there are plenty of meetings and, of course, the actual shows.

What do you love the most about what you do?

Deafening laughter, without a doubt.

Is there anything you dislike about what you do and your industry?

Hours, working weekends, the odd awkward customer.

Do you work in silence? Listen to music?

Radio 4 all the way.

Is the customer (client) always right?

Usually. Without customers we’re nothing but we can ‘out rude’ the occasional rude one.

What is your favorite book and why?

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. It’s hysterically funny and will make you dribble with laughter.

Who did/ do you look up to and why?

Anyone over 6’2”.

What movie, no matter how many times you have seen it, do you have to watch when its on and why?

Life Of Brian. Best film ever made

If you could say one thing to the younger you, what would it be?

Everything will be alright in the end.

What question were you expecting me to ask you but I didn’t and what’s your answer?

“Where do you see yourself in five years time?”



Clear Mind Interview – Julie Crowley

clearmindTwitter pic

Company: CLEAR MIND Life Coaching & Counselling

clearmindNew web

I am a professional Life Coach and Personal Counsellor  facilitating change  around emotional issues that might be holding you back from being your genuine self and achieving your potential – or at least exploring it!   This means I offer encouragement, motivation, support and/or ideas to help you find your way in life and living.

I focus on careers and business coaching too, as it is all intertwined – using the same process, just a different topic and focus.     Counselling though is less guided and more listening and reflecting on what you think, say, believe and understand – and making sense of situations or circumstances that cause you anxiety helps you to have more control and options.    I offer workshops to develop self-awareness and skills too.

I also host a women’s networking group with a colleague (Here Come the Girls) and have started a new local social group (The Social Circle – a closed Facebook group “The Social Circular” where we post events and comments, and hopefully build a larger, varied group of people who want to share interesting activities of all kinds.  We are building it up so feel free to request to join and see what’s on offer.    @SocialCircular on Twitter too.

What time of day do you work best? Morning or Evening? And why?

Morning!  I definitely work better when I get up because I just get going with a routine and then feel motivated to carry on.    I do work evenings too, pottering on my website or designing adverts and writing posts, but it’s not ‘forced’ work  and I enjoy it!

I do sometimes wake early morning with ideas running around my head and I have got up to write them down, as often if I hold on to them I lose them when I do get up!

But I like my bed!

Do you spend more time in your office or shop or on the go?

On the go to networking events, training events or markets/forums.  I have two small  consultation rooms in Lees where I see clients one to one or couples, or a small support group for depression and one for bereavement is available.   I work from home too on the planning and marketing side of the business so my ‘workplace’ is variable!

What do you love the most about what you do?

Meeting people and finding out about them and their lives, how they think and why!  Also seeing the changes in clients from when they contacted me feeling confused and distressed, to walking out feeling more in control of their lives, with ideas on how to make changes that will benefit them (that’s for both counselling and coaching!) and often smiling again, feeling relief.

Is there anything you dislike about what you do and your industry?

It can be too structured and controlled perhaps, because the type of work we do is people-focused and we are all so different and unique – not just our clients but us too, and we have different things we can offer people!

Counselling models vary and suit different people or concerns , whilst coaching can be anything from getting motivation to start a project to whole lifestyle changes – and that will be different for everyone, without people even realising they might need to change something!

Do you work in silence? Listen to music?

I like to think and work in silence.  I find music, noise or TV etc. too distracting!   If it is something creative or fun I like to have music on in the background, and when I’m cleaning too!

Is the customer (client) always right?

Hmm. Interesting question for me!   Yes, they are always right.  They know themselves best (even if they don’t always realise it at first!).   I can offer insights and information, give them knowledge and awareness, but they have to make the final decisions on actions they take – or don’t.

Even when you choose to take the easy route, or don’t make the major changes – that’s OK, it’s still your choice!   So all in all yes they are.  And generally, a customer (read “person”) knows what they want if only when they acknowledge what they don’t want – it clarifies it for them, narrows down the options and focuses the mind (i.e. a Clear Mind!)

What is your favorite book and why?

Lord of the Rings – absolutely!  I have always enjoyed and chosen fantasy story books (The Stonor Eagles,  Duncton Wood, dragon books etc).  This is an amazing book introduced to me by a boyfriend many years ago, and I have hard copies of this and The Hobbit from his parents as birthday gifts!  I love the characters, the depth of personality and the detail, and can just live it and see the events unfold – feel them!

It’s an excellent story and well-written, to the extent that the film fulfilled most readers visions as well which is very unusual for books and films I think!

Who did/ do you look up to and why?

Abraham Maslow for his hierarchy of needs and how he learned it and presents it so simply and clearly – a persons life and drives and striving, the process.

Carl Rogers because of his person-centred model (in counselling, but relationships too)

Napoleon Hill and his book, Stephen Covey for his books and theory and others too!

Not least of which might be JRR Tolkien and his book and insights.  See the pattern here?!

What movie, no matter how many times you have seen it, do you have to watch when its on and why?

The Bodyguard!  It’s a love story but unrequited and the characters are quite real for me, not fairy story happy and perfect fit with  a happy ending.

I love the two main people – the actor/actress in their own right as well, and admire them both for different things.

If you could say one thing to the younger you, what would it be?

Go for it! Just try it.  You can always turn back or come home if it get’s too scary but at least go out and try it!  (mainly relating to travel, new things, places, opportunities)

What question were you expecting me to ask you but I didn’t and what’s your answer?

Lol!  I like this one.  But I don’t know!


“How did you get into this line of work …”

Well, I got divorced, decided to find my path, myself and my options in life; I went to college as an adult to meet people, learn (which I love) and just get out there – I ended up 13 years later with some useful,  professional qualifications although they each started out just for fun and interest, with ICT and Psychology, led to counselling, then coaching, which changed my mindset and my life which led me here using my business studies, skills and experience to run my own business doing what I love!

Discover How Interviews Bring You More Traffic

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How successful will your child be

Will my child be successful when they are older?The marshmallow test in uppermill

This is a question all parents worry about when they are bringing up their children, we drop our young ones off at school each day, do their homework, hoping that one day they will grow up successful and have a great life.

Well, if we all had a magic ball, I am sure we would all have a look at what our kids future would look like.

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Whats Your Story – Morning Glory

Question:- If your life was  a movie would you and go and watch it?


I very much doubt it.

I asked myself the same question last weekend and it got me thinking would I watch my movie of my life, and how would I market it or sell it to the masses.

The question itself opens a can of worms going back to the bullshit we are all fed from birth.

The rubbish is quite simple you are born, you got to school, you go to college, you go to university, you get a job, you get married, you have kids, you retire, you play golf and live in the sun every day, and then you die.

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Where should Kevin start?

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